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TH16 Welcome LL PACK - Mohamad Marrawi

$ 32.99 USD

🟡 META Ready Bases

🟡 Rigorously tested Bases

🟡Built by Professional Base Builders


TH16 Welcome  LL PACK - Mohamad Marrawi is a Limited Edition Pack with 3x TH16 Legend Bases for high trophy range. (Limited to 10 PEOPLE ONLY)

-NEW ADDIONT TO RH TEAM - Mohamad Marrawi- TH16 Builder

Mohamad Marrawi- the upcoming rising star from Early Attax!

- In this pack you will find 3 Legend bases for 5600+ trophy range! 2x Box Bases and 1x Anti 2 Base

- Designed to be affordable and the absolute best deal for your money, maximize your defense and and give you a head start against other teams in all wars!

100% Tested and Adapted to New Meta & currently most popular attack strategies!

Available only while supply lasts!
(Limited to 10 PEOPLE ONLY)