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CWL August - Summary

August 17, 2021

Hello Chiefs, Clashers and Base Builders!

In this blog post we will go over the August CWL Season, final results, most interesting stats, state of the current meta and most popular attack strategies used this season!

Overall, there have been over 1,202,054 clans participating in the August CWL season, and divided into 150,272 groups in total. If we narrow down the stats for Champion Leagues only, they look like this:

Champion 3 🏆5,004 Clans
626 Groups

Champion 2 🏆1,834 Clans
230 Groups

and most importantly:

Champion 1 🏆394 Clans
50 Groups.

Final Results:
394 Clans in total have been battling to qualify for the monthly Pre-Qualifier, exciting 5v5Clash Esports action, but only Top 64 of them managed to achieve it! Today, we'll mention the TOP 10 performing clans of this season, while the full list you can view in game:

1.  AHMED AL ATTAR (#RUV2Q8CV) - 379 ⭐
2. 󾓭 去过⻛⼀样的⽇⼦2 (#8VLCPLCJ) - 363 ⭐
3.  ARGENFEST (#29CRYCJJ) - 360 ⭐
4. 󾓭 淡淡的微笑 (#GC99Q0JG) - 360 ⭐
5.  BATTLE RAGE (#2YU22YY) - 359 ⭐
6.  BAC SAI GON (#LPRGL8Y) - 357 ⭐
7. 🌎 ⾳尘阙 (#289GRC8YV) - 357 ⭐
8. 󾓭 D.C Ranger (#LUJGRVJ2) - 356 ⭐
9. 󾓭 K.O.G (#2PPL8CCCC) - 356 ⭐
10. 🌍 V.N. Champions (#90PCLP2L) - 356 ⭐

🔸Champion 1 Stats:
There were only 144 players going perfect this month, with 7 ⭐⭐⭐ out of 7 attacks. Out of 39, 964 attacks, 18,175 of them were ⭐⭐⭐ which leaves us with a 45,48% 14v14 hitrate!
🔸Champion 2 Stats:
There were 199 players going perfect this month in Champ 2, with 7 ⭐⭐⭐ out of 7 attacks. Out of 188,416 attacks, only 63,718 of them were ⭐⭐⭐ which leaves us with a 33,82% hitrate!
🔸Champion 3 Stats:
There were 222 players going perfect this month in Champ 3, with 7 ⭐⭐⭐ out of 7 attacks.
Out of 518,583 attacks, only 128,472 of them were ⭐⭐⭐ which leaves us with a 24,77% hitrate!

We can obviously see a high decrease in 3-Star Hitrates as we go lower in leagues, which clearly separates Champion 1 from the rest of the leagues quality-wise.

🔸Most Used Attack Strategies Air strategies have been dominating the Esports scene and the overall meta lately, while the ground attacks have been quietly sleeping and patiently waiting for Supercell's balance changes to make them viable again. Some of the most used and strongest August strategies are:
QC Dragon Riders
Hydra (Dragons & Dragon Riders)
Blizzard Lalo / Blizzard Dragon
Pekka Smash with Super Wizards

🔸August Pre-Qualifiers Registration for August Pre-Qualifiers are now open, and will close in just a bit over 5 days at the time of writing this. August Pre-Qualifiers will be held online from August 21st - August 22nd, so make sure you tune on your favorite streamers on Twitch & YouTube to cheer on your favorite clans and get your bases on time from one of the best and most experienced teams around, RHBaseBuilding!

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